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iI'm Charlotte...

A Moon Witch, Coach, Yoga and Somatic Teacher with a mission to be the woman who helps you celebrate your cycle and the connection you have to the moon so that you can enjoy the path of cyclical living to live a calm, peaceful and nourishing life.

I’d always had a challenging menstrual cycle and when I came across Yoga and a friend recommended a book on following the moon it changed my life.

I was thrown into the Menopause at 35 in a dramatic way and I understand how that process feels.

Diagnosed with PMDD I was given a solution by the medical system that meant I experienced a forced menopause. The next 6 months were the hardest of my life; without any other hormones to counteract the treatment I felt completely exhausted, lost and lifeless.

I really understand the process of menopause, which is why I have chosen to make this my life’s mission. The practices and principles I created and used at this time helped me to navigate and empower myself.

By using the practices and principles I now offer, it helped me to navigate and empower myself.

Why not join us for a Moon Ceremony?

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