Moon Ceremonies

Would you like to learn how to follow the moon but don’t have time to attend the ceremonies and are confused by the books?

Let me guide you in your first free moon ceremony so you can plan ahead, and every year in-line with the energy of the daily moon and New and Full Moon Cycles.

Why Follow The Moon?

The moon guides us to look inwards, it’s our deepest feelings and emotions.

It’s our relationship with the feminine, our mothers, grandmothers and goddesses.

🌙 The moon works on a 29 day cycle, learn YOUR own personal cycle inline with the moon.

🌑 On a New Moon we take time to create, plan and manifest for your Life.

🌕 Under the power of the Full Moon we LET GO.

This ancient practice is easy to add into your life.


Online Ceremonies | Workshops | In-Person Ceremonies

I am passionate to bring back the practice of aligning with the moon, respecting the energy of the daily moon as it moves through the 12 constellations ever 2.5 days. 

Offering New Moon Ceremonies to help you plan, set goals and manifest the life you deserve under the darkness of the ‘dark moon’. 

Sharing gratitude and releasing and letting go within the Full Moon period, using the end of each moon cycle to surrender. I take you through a process so you can ‘Let Go’ and burn away your worries, unhelpful patterns and relationships.

Let me guide you through this ancient practice and help you to get rid of your negative patterns, cycles and any emotions that no longer serve you. 

It’s easy to add into your life to empower you.

All you need is a journal and a pen, make yourself comfortable with your blankets, candles and pillows.

Want to Learn About You?

If you’re not sure that a group Moon Ceremony is for you, I offer 1 to 1 calls that will be totally personal to you.

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